Are school dress codes sexist?


Karli Woodruff, Staff Writer

Dress codes have quickly emerged in society as a large and complicated topic, especially for females. School dress codes have been implemented almost worldwide with a variation of different requirements. For example, here at Kelly Walsh, there are a majority of rules that have been set as a precedent for students, involving what they can wear to school.

A common opinion within students is that most of the enforced expectations are very openly sexist towards females. It is shown in many high schools that boys do not have nearly the amount of dress code violations that girls do.

“It seems super unfair and biased to girls, especially here at Kelly Walsh. I see multiple boys wearing crop tops and it isn’t an issue for anyone. Although girls can get away with wearing the crop tops, there are major rules at this school implemented to control what type of clothing that girls get to wear,” said senior, Charisma Gallagher.

According to The Sexism of School Dress Codes”  Maggie Sunseri  noticed the unfair treatment between girls and boys involving dress codes. She informs readers that girls are disciplined more harshly for disobeying the dress code rather than boys.

A large rationale for teachers and administration is the fact that the way that girls dress has the ability to distract boys. To many, this reasoning is not appropriate or strong enough to control how women dress because they don’t need to be controlled by what boys feel or desire.

“It is hard to say that girls can only dress a certain way just because boys can’t control their feelings towards girls. It seems inappropriate to use that reason to say what girls can and cannot wear. I find that for the most part girls wear clothes that are in style, which may be crop tops, but it does not mean that it is not appropriate for girls to wear to school,” said junior, Abi Milby.

To touch back on the claim made by the article, “The Sexism of School Dress Codes” about how the punishment of breaking the dress code for girls is a lot more harsh than for boys, shows complete sexism towards females. Most of the time, girls are sent home from school to change what they are wearing to just be able to attend school.

On the other hand, boys are told not to wear that shirt again, or to stop sagging their pants below where they should be. The difference in punishments between boys and girls shows that the effectiveness of school dress codes is really skewed the wrong way.