Fast fashion is not always a good thing


Krysten Cutler, Staff Writer

Fast fashion is clothing items that take on higher end items and trendy at the time items, but are made at a cheaper price. The clothing items are made fast and at such low cost, so they can meet people’s needs and wants. Fast fashion is all around and it has become a problem. 

Fast fashion is influenced by social media. Everyone always wants to own the newest and coolest outfits. With many stores like Zara, Pacsun, Urban Outfitters, and Shein, people can get their trendy clothes from there, and pay minimum. 

“People buy fast fashion because it is cheap and they don’t realize how it’s being made. Because it’s cheap, it is most likely low quality and will be thrown away and contribute to the pollution eventually,” said  junior Ruby Donelan. 

According to an article in Upfront Magazine by New York Times called The Price of Fast Fashion by Christine Grise, the production of these clothes have an environmental impact from the chemicals, material, and a lot of carbon emissions. After the trend of certain clothes is over, people throw them out. About 24 billion pounds of clothes and shoes get thrown out in one year. 

The conditions of the workers making these fast fashion items are unsafe and unrealistic. Many of the items are being made in China, and the workers get paid just a few dollars. The conditions of the work warehouse are bad with a lot of debris and fumes in the air. There are not many safety regulations so it can be dangerous for workers. Many of the workers are yonge and have to work long hours with little breaks. As Americans keep buying fast fashion clothes, their work warehouses will keep running and keep treating the workers as if they are not human. 

Things need to be changed and Americans can start by doing little things. For example with clothes they can be reused and turned into a different look. Sharing clothes with friends is a way to make a change. Instead of buying more clothes every so often, swapping with a friend might be the way to go. 

“If people get educated more on fast fashion, then maybe the world can see change in many ways involving the workers and the pollution,” said Donelan. 

Thrifting has become popular in the past few years. Many Americans want the vintage look and want to pay for their clothes at cheap prices. Thrifting allows that to happen, and is very echo-friendly. With having the clothes not be thrown out, the pollution will improve little by little with just a simple thrift shopping adventure.  

“I think fast fashion could be a problem. I think people can do research on the brand and make sure they are ordering from a sustainable website! Also there are ways to help stop fast fashion like thrifting” said Gracie McCain.

Fast fashion has changed the world for the worst but it is not unchangeable. If Americans speak up or do the little things to make a change, things can get better. Trends only last for a short period of time, so buying many different items is a waste.