Kanye Finally Drops New Album


Kyle Woodruff

Kanye West is one of the most popular, influential, and controversial rap artists of the century thus far, and if you know of Kanye, whether you love him or you hate him, you have an opinion of him- usually a strong one. As per usual of West, he has worked his way back into mainstream media and news networks in the recent weeks. 

In November of 2018, West announced that he would be coming out with a new album, titled Yandhi. It was looking to be a reincarnation of one of West’s older, and most influential albums, Yeezus. Both names are representative of how West is trying to display his persona, “Yeezus” is a mix between West’s nickname, Ye, and Jesus. And Yandhi is a combination of Ye and Gandhi. Both names draw a comparison between West and sacred figures in the religion world.  

But unlike Yeezus, Yandhi never released. West continued to push back the release date until eventually the idea just fizzled away. West fans were disappointed in the rapper and were desperate for him to release new music to the public. 

West was riding under the radar for a few months, not showing much of himself on social media and staying out of the news. Until West began to do his Sunday Services across the country, where he plays gospel music that he composed himself to people in the middle of parks, mostly. West kept his public image going all summer by hinting at a possible new release of an album.

In September of 2019, West and his family bought a ranch with land just outside of Cody, Wyoming, and performed a Sunday Service for people in Cody just ahead of his anticipated album release, titled “Jesus Is King.”

Many people were somewhat skeptical of this new genre of music for West, including myself, although I was sure that it would be an interesting, modern album, I was still unconvinced that this would be Kanye at his best. 

Jesus Is King was supposed to be released in late September, but again and again, West pushed back yet another album. West’s lack of promised music releases was beginning to take its toll on his fans patience. Myself and countless others have been waiting for the next big move in Kanye’s music career. And whether it is gospel or gangster rap the album will be supported by his true fans.

His much anticipated album is finally being released today, so Kanye fans can finally get their next Kanye fix.