Why Juuling Isn’t Cool


Jaylen Matthews, Staff Writer

Juuling.  A growing trend that is leading teens into a trap of nicotine addiction. The amount of teens that Juul in high schools across the nation is almost hard to believe, here’s why it should be stopped.

According to truthinitiative.org, one in five youths have seen teens using Juuls in a high school and almost one-fifth has one of these new trendy e-cigs. Most of the people that own one of these Juuls are below the age of 18.

This company is mainly targeted for adults but the sleek design makes it more appealing to the youth but “the flavors make it more attractive to kids.” The flavors that make kids so addicted are the fruity ones, the nicotine inside of these flavors makes it more addicting since the flavor is so sweet.

The amount of nicotine in one “Juul Pod”  is equal to 20 cigarettes. Juuls can cause countless health effects, one of them being that it can alter your brain and your brain chemistry since nicotine can act as a neurotoxin.

When nicotine enters your body, a rush of adrenaline is sent out and your blood pressure and heart rate increases. However, Juuling could “potentially hurt your lungs in many ways,” said Bailey Schieck, a sophomore. One way it can harm you is Popcorn Lung. It looks grosser than it sounds and what it can do will ruin your life forever.

The Juul company is mainly for young adults and for smokers who want to stop smoking, but lately, teens have been getting them more than adults are and that’s why Juul is trying as hard as they can to get teens to quit. 

“Kids think they will fit in and look cooler than they are if they Juul,” said Barrett Lloyd, a sophomore.

Teens have been posting about their “Juuling life” on social media but Juul is taking action on them and getting them to stop promoting juuling at a young age.

“Kids just want to look cool and make it seem like they’re on trend,” said Schieck.

 Starting to use nicotine at a young age will make it harder for you to stop at an older age and could lead you to the even more harmful act of smoking cigarettes.   Keep your lungs healthy and stay away from Juuls.  Nothing good can come from Juuling.