Lady Trojans aim to win Volley Bowl trophy

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Lady Trojans aim to win Volley Bowl trophy

Maddy Vinich, Staff Writer

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On Thursday, October 20, the Fillies and Trojans will face off for the second time in the season for the annual Volley Bowl at Natrona.

The Trojans, who won the last face off against the Fillies in four sets, are hoping to bring home the trophy this time.

“It’s fun playing your cross town rival because you’re familiar with the team and their strengths and weaknesses,” said senior Payton Stack, “personally knowing the girls on the other side of the net takes a huge part in it too.”

This game will decide who takes the number one spot going into the West regional tournament. As of right now, Kelly Walsh is ranked number two and Natrona is following closely behind ranking at number four in the state.

Going into the Volley Bowl game, there’s a lot of energy entering the gym as both of the student bodies come together to support their teams.

“The Volley Bowl is a different type of game to participate in because it gives me a unique type of adrenaline rush that most games don’t. It attracts such a big crowd, and there’s so many people watching, not just the student body but most of the town too. Knowing that you have your whole school behind you supporting you no matter what the outcome, is a really special thing to be a part of,” Payton stack said.

Losing the trophy to the Fillies last year, gives the Trojans a little more drive to bring the trophy back home. However, not having the home court advantage will be more of a struggle.

“This being my senior year and last Volley Bowl, I really want to come into this game with a positive attitude and lots of energy,” said senior Madison Wilhelm, “making this our last conference match, we really want to end with a bangfor it  to carry over to regional.”