TikTok Takeover


Krysten Cutler

The rise of short videos has spread over the internet and to several people recently.  The app, TikTok, started in September 2016; however, the app grew to have a bigger platform in 2019 during the COVID-19 outbreak. TikTok allows people to post short videos for up to three minutes to share. Those videos can end up on people’s pages called the for you page. The more someone interacts with a certain video, the more videos people will see of what they’re interested in. 

“Tiktok has influenced me by making me aware of more things. I learn things from it, and it’s fun to interact with other videos and people on the app,” said Eve Hodgin. 

Influencers can persuade people to buy products by promoting them to people. TikTok is a good way to do this because it can get to the right audience easily. A specific influencer has recently stood out, her name, Alix Earle. She has created a job out of being an influencer. Earle is a college student at the University of Miami, and she started making Tiktok videos in early 2020. She grew a platform and became a huge influencer for teenagers.  

According to Glossy, “Inside the Rise of Alix Earle, TikTok’s Beauty Breakout Star” by Dahvi Shira, says that Earle is open with her fans about her life. She’s open about her plastic surgery and acne journey. 

“Alix Earle has influenced me a lot recently. I watch her TikToks, and I have bought some of the products she uses. I like how she doesn’t care what people think, and how she got famous so fast for just being her,” said Brooklyn Beevers. 

Influencers like Alix Earle get perks, some being from many brand deals and sponsorships. Alix Earle has traveled with brands to go on trips around the world. Influencers like her open others’ eye’s to doing the same thing. Even though it’s not a sturdy job to have, it can give people entertainment and advice. 

People however argue that TikTok can be a negative thing. According to US News States Launch Probe Into TikTok’s Effects on Kids’ Health by Marcy Gordon says that it can harm people’s mental and physical health. 

“I think TikTok can have an effect on people, but overall I think the app is a good idea. I think there’s a lot of good people out there making videos to share with people that will help,” said Beevers. 

Nowadays with technology being all around people, there are going to be pros and cons of apps like TikTok. The app lets people be creative and have fun. The app is used by all ages, and that’s what’s unique about TikTok. Influencers from young kids to grandparents are inspiring others, and some people even sometimes make an income out of it.