KW Yearbook wins 3rd title in 4 years at state convention

Zachary Sixbey, Staff Writer

After another year’s state journalism convention wrapped up, Kelly Walsh brought home another all-state plaque for last year’s 2014-15 yearbook. This is the third consecutive year that Kelly Walsh has received the all-state plaque for the yearbook. Last year’s yearbook team consisted of 12-15 students including current senior editor, Abbey Kersenbrock.

“It felt pretty good winning this year” Kersenbrock said, “It was a lot of hard work, and I’m so proud of our work last year, because the late nights paid off.”

Kersenbrock along with others spent two semesters in Miss. Masterson’s 5th block publishing class not only working on this book everyday, but also raising the necessary funds in order to get the book in the hands of Kelly Walsh students. After day by day’s hard work, Masterson had her mind clearly made that last year’s book would be winning again.

“I did expect it to win again… But not in a cocky nor arrogant way.” Masterson has been the yearbook advisor at Kelly for 12 years and has seen many other exceptional yearbooks from high schools from across the state.

“I know Cheyenne Central and Green River usually has a very good yearbook, so it’s not an easy task winning it.”

The state journalism convention was held at the Ramkota Hotel in Casper on Monday, October 5th. Behind KW’s all-state award was Green River as the runner-up winners. Current seniors, Abbey Kersenbrock and Drew Fritzler were the only team members from last year’s team that got to embrace the trophy at the convention. Fritzler has very big hopes and expectations for this year’s yearbook, and is continuously trying to improve his skills and imagination.

“I’m always trying to improve. You can never be perfect. I want to make less mistakes and excite more readers and reach a bigger audience.”

Fritzler says he “loves makin’ sweet yearbooks.” This semester’s yearbook team includes seven new members aside from Kersenbrock and Fritzler. This semester’s pub class includes seniors, Sammy Zirger, Ellie Rone, Zach Sixbey, Brendan Saunders, Hank Hoversland, and Tanner Christensen.