Model U.N Participants Display College/Life Skills


The 12 Member Kelly Walsh Model UN team in front of the Tetons in Jackson.

The 12 Member Kelly Walsh Model UN team participated in the Teton County Model United Nations (TCMUN) conference at the Jackson High School on November 13th through 14th. Student delegates represented three countries on six different U.N. committees.

During this two-day simulation of the United Nations system, students play the role of diplomats from countries worldwide with the aim of passing Resolutions on pressing global issues. Students must understand the global issue, state the position of their country, debate, compromise, come to consensus, and write resolutions all in the character of their country they are representing.


Best Position Paper Tess Bjorksten -Afghanistan-General Assembly Third Committee

Honorable Mention Papers: Thayne Macy -France-International Atomic Energy Abi Schoup-Norway-,Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees and

Kiara Simms-France-United Nations Environment Committee


Best Delegate on the World Health Committee (WHO) was Cayley Fleischman-France

Best Delegate on the United Nations Environment Committee (UNEA) was Kiara Simms -France

Honorable Mention on the Office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees was Abi Schoup (Norway)

Other delegates participating were: Josh Gaither-France-Security Council

Jennifer Kline-Afghanistan-General Assembly, Alex Nelson-Afghanistan -U.N. Environment Assembly, Sofie Bjorksten-Afghanistan-Office of the High Commisioner for Refugees and Hunter Hasskamp-Afghanistan-International Atomic Energy Agency and Max Von Gunten-Norway-International Atomic Energy Agency