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“I want to thank the friends who are still by my side today.” -Jacob Tuttle

“I want to thank the previous seniors who pushed me to become the musician and friend I am today. I also want to thank my brothers, Daniel and Dylan, for being jerks when they needed to be and for being my best friends when they didn’t have to be.” Savanna Christensen

“Thank you to all my teachers for helping me achieve my goals. Thank you to the tutors for being there for me and helping me with homework!” -Madeline Eathorne

“I’d like to thank Mr. Hebert, Brayden Green, Mr. Depaolo, Maddox Johnson, Mr. Delaney, Daniel Williams, Cordell Jones, and Elijah Pacheco.” -Raedyn Vidal

“Thanks Katie Bays for letting me use your computer charger.” -Irie Elliott

“All my teachers for dealing with my constant  worrying about my grade and abundance of questions.” -Clarissa Stinson

“Thank you Diller for being the coolest.” -Caige McComb“Anyone and everyone at KW who helped me become who I am.” -Ashlynn Peverley

“Thank you to all of the teachers who personally took time to help me, you know who you are.” -Kylee Magee

“I thank Roden for teaching me chemistry.” -Matthew Paris

“Thank you to all the Kelly Walsh staff for making me work hard and helping me strive to become the best version of myself.” -Joseph Thomas Geil

“Thank you Mr. Diller for being the best principal.” -Mariah Hartgrave

“Thank you everyone except whoever decided to build 98 doors and lock all of them.” -Ash Isennock

“Thank you seniors and Mr. Diller for making these last four years the best.” McKenna Ferraiuolo

“I would like to thank everybody for making my high school experience awesome.” –Caylee Anderson

“A huge thanks to Haroutunian and Owens for being the best teachers I’ve ever had and for being really good at reality checks.” -Rion Brownfield

“My teachers for having patience.” -Luke Hansen

“Thank you to my family and friends for supporting me.” -Payton Pew

“Thank you to everyone who helped me become who I am today.” -Madi Czellecz

“Thank you Diller, and all the cool teachers that made high school feel fun and not a prison.” -Morgan Robertson

“I want to thank all the teachers I’ve had, my parents, my sisters, and the very few people I’ve got to call my genuine.” -Jennifer Ly

“Mr. Yeigh, Mr. Hebert, Mr. Delaney, and Mrs. Forey.” -Dusty Silveira

“Mr. Yeigh.” -Andre

“Ms. Tracy, the lunch lady. She is so sweet and learned my name after the first time my freshman year and said hi every time she saw me.” -Hannah Taylor

“Thank you Mr. Diller! This has been an amazing four years; I’m so glad to have been at Kelly Walsh!” -Katelyn Sims

“Mrs. Williams, Mr. Glock, Mr. Coventry, Mr. Donovan. Thank you for being the best teachers.” -Ashley Hatch

“Patty Platt and Mary Sutton.” -Caleb Garoutte

“My mom for always being the realest.” -Ian Patterson

“I would like to thank Coach Cov and Coach Willy for working with me to be able to run outdoor track and play baseball my last year.” -Keaton Westhoff

“Thank you Mr. Stricklin.” -Cedar Smith

“Thanks mom for waking me up everyday.” -Maxwell von Gunten

“Teachers who gave me second chances.” -Joshua Gaither

“Thanks to my sister Grace Buhler for being there through thick and thin.” -Abby Buhler

“Thank you to Mr. Nathan for being my dad.” -Caleb Nathan

“Thanks to my XC teammates for all the great times.” -Josh Pierantoni

“The teachers for always helping me and believing I could succeed when I thought I couldn’t.” -Rayne Hamm

“Just Mr. Cov for being a great teacher.” -Trentyn Graves

“Special thanks to Ms. Tracy, the lunch lady! She knew my name after the first time at lunch freshman year she is so sweet.” -Brianna Sims

“Thank you Mr. Diller for always making KW feel like a second home.” -Lauren Tyson

“I want to thank Mr. Rose for always encouraging me and also calling me out for missing jazz band so much that I actually wanted to be early to a 6:45 am class.” -Bailey Anderson

“I thank to all my teachers for all they have done and given.” -Mattie Robinson

“I would love to thank Diller for sticking with KW as long as he has and thank you for helping me through high school.” -Tayla Davis

“If this gets published, thank you.” -Laine Smith

“Thank you for stressing me out everyone.” -Kyla Pull

“I just want to thank all my teachers and coaches for all their hard work.” -Emily Applegate

“Thank you to Makayla Coleman. You are the real MVP! Keep slayin B! Much Love.” -Heather Avila

“Thanks everyone who helped me get to this point.” -Everett Chapman

“Thank you Miller for pushing me to be the person I am today. You are the best coach in Wyoming.” -Calvin Speth

“I would definitely like to thank my mom, dad, Ryan, Bailey, the SKWAD, Mr. Rose, and of course Joenon Sulzen, and my dogs, Ace and Sadie.” -Riley Box

“Thank you Dustin Hebert and Katrina Rooney for helping me find a home away from home, I will never forget the memories of my time there.” -Kaitlyn Sanford

“I would like to thank Rita Walsh for she can amaze me from time to time; as she once said, ‘yes this is why we have a dress code, and we can look into it.’” -Dylan Thompson

“I want to thank Mr. Delaney for showing me that school is interesting. And Mr. Asay and Mr. Chavez for showing me that if I participate it wouldn’t be too hard to pass. They didn’t sympathize and made me work hard.” -Kathrine Holdren

“Alex Finkle thank you for being by my side for four years. Thank you Tony for being my bff and always being there for me.” -Glen Risha

“Coach Lijewski for putting up with me for five years and always believing in me.” -Olivia Chase

“I would like to thank Coventry for finally giving me a great English teacher.” -Caelan Beardsley


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  1. Austin "Ace Boosie" Ryan on May 23rd, 2018 11:15 am

    I just wanna say thanks to all of my fans who will miss me, I wanna Thank Mr. Diller, Mr.Rose, Mrs. Foery, Mrs. Pribbernow, Mrs.Rose, and to all of my friends it’s been a great year to all of you. I LOVE YOU ALL AND LET’S GO TROJANS!!!!

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