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SENIOR SURVEY: Advice to Underclassmen

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Savannah Christensen: Apply for colleges & scholarships early; you don’t want to be scrambling around during your last semester. Also, this may sound cliche but enjoy highschool while you can because it goes by FAST.

Jacob Tuttle: Accept what you can’t control.

Tyra McAdam: If it won’t matter in 5 years don’t let it hurt/affect you for longer than 5 minutes.

Madeline Eathorne: Don’t forget to enjoy High School while it lasts. Always strive to do your best in all your classes and in all that you do.

Raedyn Vidal: Don’t judge people based on cliques. Know that everyone has their own problems. Be aware that you don’t know everything. Take a breather everyone else is just as nervous as you are.

Irie Elliot: Don’t drop out.

Clarissa Stinson: Try everything that interests you at least once because you may find a new passion.

Caige McComb: Have fun – it goes by fast. Go to the games and cheer!!!! Have some school spirit…

Ashlynn Peverley: Enjoy your sophomore year, it is the best.

Hailey Lucero: Be yourself.

Kylee Magee:  Don’t run in the halls, walk on the right side. Procrastination is the only real way to do things.

Matthew Paris: Join spikeball.

Joseph Thomas Geil: C’s get degrees.

Mariah Hartgrave: Time goes by fast, enjoy it.

John Johnson: Don’t hate high school.

Ash Issenock: Don’t die.

McKenna Ferraiuolo: Enjoy every minute, it goes by fast.

Dalton Sollenberger: Be open minded, have fun, and do your work.

Taylor Jereb: Do your work, don’t slack off, don’t ditch, and be yourself.

Madi Czellecz: Don’t park like stupid buttheads.

Payton Pew: Learn how to park and don’t take anything for granted.

Luke Hansen: Give up.

Rion Brownfield: Stop stressing and enjoy life sometimes.

Caylee Anderson: You’re so close to becoming the person you want to be so stick to it.

Morgan Robertson: It gets easier, senior year flies by, have fun. Do your work and it will be a walk in the park.

Jennifer Ly: Stay true to yourself. No matter what happens don’t let others change you into something you’re not. Focus on you, and your loved ones. Don’t pay attention to the negatives in your life, because it isn’t worth it.

Dusty Silveira: Do homework, never give up.

Hannah Taylor: You aren’t as cool as you think. Also high school will be challenging, but it will be what you make it, so make it great.

Katelyn Sims: Don’t procrastinate, homework sucks but you will be less stressed and definitely thankful in the long run.

Ashley Hatch: Grow up, stop with pointless drama. Concentrate on your education. There are so many different opportunities here. Just dedicate yourself. It’ll matter in the end.

Christopher Archuleta: Physics is the most beneficial class.

Caleb Garoute: Be attentive, if you wish to continue school. It gets progressively harder.

Ian Patterson: Don’t procrastinate until the last year, because you’ll have a crazy full senior schedule.

Keaton Westhoff: Do as many activities and sports as you can.

Cedar Smith: Just do your work right the first time.

Maxwell von Gunten: You’re almost done, sorry you’re not.

Joshua Gaither: Do your work.

Abby Buhler: My advice to you would be to act like yourself no matter if people don’t like you for it. It is who you are.

Caleb Nathan: Join the movement, spikeball baby.

Joshua Pierantoni: Do as many sports and activities as you can.

Rayne Hamm: Be more like your fellow seniors. More mature and cooler than you.

Trentyn Graves: None, they all suck.

Brianna Sims: Try to avoid senioritis before you are even a senior. Starting early in this case does not bode well, trust me.

Lauren Tyson: Be respectful. (you’re not as cool as you think)

Bailey Anderson: Go to as many events as you can. Also during football games, pay attention to the marching band, they work harder than you know.

Connor Custer: Pay attention! Take as much as you can from the best/easiest years of your life.

Mattie Robinson: Go to school, do your work, don’t act out, meet friends, participate in everything you can.

Tayla Davis: Don’t slack! If you keep on top of your game, life will be a breeze in high school. You also don’t have to know where you are going for college. You have time.

Laine Smith: PDA is not okay.

Kyla Pull: Chill out and don’t make out in the halls.

Emily Applegate: Enjoy the 4 years you have at Kelly Walsh. Go to all the events and activities. It will go by fast.

Heather Avila: Advice to underclassmen is to just focus on doing good in school and reaching your goals. Don’t let anyone try to throw you off of your path to success.

Maren Bullard: Pay attention and try your hardest in your classes. Join some sort of activity or club. Make the most of your time in high school; it doesn’t last as long as you think.

Everett Chapman: If you think you want to try something or that you good at, go for it.

Alisha R: Keep going! It’s worth it all in the end.

Maddy Rust: High school kind of sucks at first but by your senior year it is pretty nice! Take a full schedule for your first three years that way you can have an easy/fun senior year.

Alisten Winter: Don’t make stupid decisions, they will always affect you whether you think it or not.

Calvin Speth: Choose hard and challenging classes otherwise school will be boring and seem like it has no point. So challenge and better yourself.

Riley Box: My advice for underclassmen is to put yourself out there. What is there to lose. Be nice to everyone, because everyone deserves it. Be yourself and don’t try to impress people with who you aren’t. Just enjoy, my guys. Have fun, this is supposed to be fun.

Kaitlyn Sanford: As much as you want to, procrastinating is a terrible idea. Do what you can to avoid stressing yourself out more than necessary.

Caitlinne Chenoweth: Go out and do things. BE SOCIAL. Go to games, go to ralleys, go to events, get involved in something it makes High School way more fun.

Dan Druse: Don’t act like you are in middle school because you aren’t anymore.

Dylan Thompson: Study hard, stay on top of homework and make sure to make time to have fun and hang out with friends.

Korbyn Packard: Don’t be an idiot.

Katherine Holdren: A social life isn’t everything, focus on the things that matter – graduating. Your “friends” won’t matter to you in 5 years.

Glen Risha: For the love of god do NOT cheat on others, and show up for your classes.

Olivia Chase: Stay present and enjoy high school. Everything will work out in the end.

Caden Curry: Do not procrastinate.

Caelan Beardsley: Avoid popular kids. You will only lose brain cells.


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