Time is Up for KW Seniors

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Time is Up for KW Seniors

Maddy Vinich, Staff Writer

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When entering high school, did you ever think that you would be the person that you have turned out to be your senior year? Honestly, probably not, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A lot of times, freshman year is a new and fresh start from middle school. New friends, faces, and experiences. And then all of sudden, senior year hits, and you’re not a child anymore.

As you look back on freshman year, memories come flooding back. From the first day of school, to walking to lunch with your friends. For most of the seniors, freshman year started and ended in the old Kelly Walsh.  The seniors of 2018 will always look back on the old school as the beginning of their high school years.

Senior Jamia Johnson said, “I loved freshman year because of the old school. It was laid back and the pep assemblies were so much fun.” 

“My favorite memory from freshman year was probably Co-ed. It was my first dance and I went with a bunch of friends and got to dress up for the first time and go to dinner. It was a fun new experience for me,” said senior Caitlinne Chenoweth.

All seniors look back and wish that they could change something from years prior. Whether it it was the friends they hung out with, or the choices they made. High school is a time in your life when all choices shape the your future.

“If I could go back and change something from years past, I would go back and tell myself to make more friends. I would want to branch out and meet new people from different circles, not just from my secluded circle of friends,” said senior Londynn Calkin.

As many of us wish we could go back, some students do not regret anything.

“I wouldn’t change anything, everything that I have done and said has shaped me into who I am,” said senior Tayla Davis.

We also experienced regret: we all did something, wore something or said something we regret now as a senior.

Senior Maddy Dedic said, “I wish that I would have been more mature and realized that value of time. It all goes so fast.”

A lot of us seniors look back and realize just how embarrassing we actually were.

“Freshman year, I was in PE and we were playing tag. I ran straight into a brick wall and ended up having to go to the hospital because I tore up my forehead. I had a concussion, four stitches on my forehead and four stitches inside on the muscle in my forehead,” said senior Hannah Henry.

Freshman year has come and gone, and senior year is coming to a close. As we look back on our younger years, we realize how much we have changed and become who we are now. As we continue to grow and change , we will always be the person we started out as, just a little smarter, wiser and more mature.