Tiktok: The Downfall of Society


Anna Koehmstedt, Staff Writer

America’s most popular social media application, TikTok, took society by storm. The platform, by the end of 2022, has raked in over 1 billion users. This popularity has brought a large number of issues. Tiktok’s appeal is based around its unique format, 15-second videos. There is no end to the scrolling that is offered on the platform, which promotes the addiction of users. 

“TikTok can spread a lot of false information. Though it has taught me some life hacks, I find myself too invested in what it has to offer. My screen time has doubled since I downloaded it. It also takes up a lot of my iCloud space. It has taken over my life,” said senior Gracie McCain.

The videos and content offered on TikTok, much like any other social media platform, are not fact-verified. There is not very much software to prevent misinformation or biased posts. Teenagers, ages 10-19, take up the majority (32.5%) of TikTok’s user database. These young minds are easily influenced by content, especially watching endless videos based on opinion. 

Kelly Walsh teacher, Brandon Shafer, speaks on TikTok’s role in society today: “TikTok in China is educational. TikTok in America is used to rot kids’ brains,” said Shafer. 

The impact that TikTok has made on society, and the fast popularity that it has had, shows that the concept of the app is working. It is working too well. Children are becoming more addicted to their devices and dopamine-producing applications by the day. 

Some of the content is not all bad, though. The platform gives people the opportunity to express themselves and share ideas without having a large following. The “for you page,” showcases videos from people all over the world, can bring popularity to just about anyone. This aspect gives people the chance to get things like life hacks, comedy, music, or lifestyle ideas. 

Junior Danielle Row supports the app for this type of content. “I love TikTok. I learn so many new things like beauty or life hacks. Yes, my screen time has gone up since I got it. But I really like the things that TikTok highlights,” said Row.

This perspective, however fun, only promotes the issue. This array of videos are not filtered. Social media apps in today’s world are the most influential part of society. TikTok is creating media-dependent people, who are constantly exposed to false information.