Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good


Krysten Cutler, Staff Writer

Individually, athletes on teams focus on the look good, feel good, play good motto. With cool hairstyles or new shoes, athletes gain confidence to grow their performance levels. Each player has uniqueness on the court or field that lets them embrace who they are.

“What this motto means to me is that when I have my hair braided, makeup on, and some cool shoes I feel good and have confidence in myself, ” said senior Peyton Carruth. 

Superstition goes along with the motto. Wearing the same good luck socks for each game gives athletes hope that they will perform well because they did the last time when they wore the same socks. 

Arguably, one of the best basketball players of all time to go through the NBA, Micheal Jordan, believed in superstition. Jordan wore his UNC college basketball shorts under his Chicago Bulls jersey shorts for every game while in the NBA. This helped Jordan have confidence and individuality while playing. 

“Every single year for state I get pink glittery nails. It’s a weird superstition thing for me, and it gives me confidence. It’s almost like a tradition,” said Carruth. 

Looking at this idea about individuality and the look good, feel good, play good motto, sometimes people think of it as a negative thing. Some might think the athletes are trying to separate themselves from the team or draw attention to themselves, making it hurt the team dynamic. 

However, having individuality in a team is inevitable but needed because everyone brings something different to the table. 

According to the USA Lacrosse Magazine article “The Phycology Behind the ‘Look Good Feel Good, Play Good’ philosophy” by Matt Hamlton, what people wear gives off different kinds of energy. An old, used practice jersey compared to a brand new Adidas team jersey gets athletes in the mindset that it’s game time. Their energy spreads. 

“Being able to look good with cute hairstyles and hair color now and then boosts mine and the team’s confidence. This allows the team to truly represent Kelly Walsh Volleyball and feel the best about ourselves while trying to achieve our goals,” said senior Abi Milby. 

The motto is something athletes follow to be on their best game. It helps to give players assurance on themselves and energy to take the win. Each athlete is different and when all of them come together their  behavior changes for the good.