Does Punctuation In Text Messages Matter?


Nadya Follensbee, Staff Writer

Some people believe that punctuation is unnecessary when texting because they can get their point across without the need for proper punctuation. However, when using punctuation in text messages it allows that person who sent the message to express a tone of voice.

“I think it matters if you are texting someone in a professional manner. Otherwise for a casual conversation with friends, no,” said senior Emma Holmberg. 

Punctuation is used for the need to clarify, emphasize, and to display emotion. It allows people to express themselves through a message the correct way. For example, adding repeating letters to a word can emphasize the emotions coming from that message. Other people like to use emojis to show their emotions in a more intensified way. 

“Punctuation in text depends on who you are texting . I don’t think it matters if you are texting  a friend or a close family member. However, if you are texting someone important then you should use punctuation,” said junior Aiden McCash. 

Some studies show that continuously using incorrect punctuation in texting can result in poor performances in academic assignments. According to Learning Liftoff, a website portraying statistics of texting, it explains that around 3,000 or more texts are sent by teenagers every month. This website also states that texts do not require grammatical skills and over time this affects the teenagers in their writing skills. 

Most teenagers who text find it harsh or less sincere when they receive a text with correct punctuation. Review Geek, an article that shows statistics on how punctuation affects text messages, explains that younger generations see periods at the end of sentences as passive-aggressive or rude. Also when someone sends short word responses such as, “k” or “ya” this can indicate irritation or even anger. However, to others this shorthand type of communication can be interpreted differently depending on the person and conversation. 

“I feel like using punctuation in text messages does not really matter but then it creates bad habits when writing an essay in school. The only time I use punctuation in text messages is when I am texting an adult or someone I need to show respect for,” said senior Olivia Carlson. 

Punctuation can mean a lot in text messages whether there is proper or incorrect punctuation. Most people find it unnecessary to always use punctuation in a texting format and others believe it is needed inorder to perceive the right way. In the end, punctuation in text messages depends on the person receiving the message and their relationship to the sender.