Should You Skip Breakfast


Haylie Williams, Staff Writer

The first month of school has passed in a blur for KW students. They need to find ways to get their mind and body refreshed during the course of a long school year. One major way a student can do this is eating breakfast before school.

According to an article from the National Library of Medicine by Katie Adolphus, studies have found that eating breakfast before school affects students’ behavior and academic performance. In the study it compared kids who ate breakfast before school, and kids who didn’t, the study found that the kids who ate breakfast had better on task behavior in the classroom. The study also showed that kids who ate breakfast had an increase in grades especially if what they were eating involved fruits, dairy, and protein. 

It may be hard to keep on top of eating with the amount of school work a student has to do and it may be even harder if a student has a part-time job or extracurricular activities. But according to Kelly Walsh science teacher, Todd Trupp, ”It’s important as 20% of your daily intake goes to the brain…you need that food to give your brain that energy.” 

“Science says food fuels the brain and you need that fuel to get through the day,” said another KW science teacher, Randy Roden.

Both of these science teachers have a background in biology and human anatomy and they are saying that breakfast is important for students’ brains to function. So if a student wants to achieve in school, work, and/or extracurricular activities it is important to eat breakfast.

Many students at Kelly Walsh say there are benefits from eating breakfast before school. “You need to be energized in order to stay focused in your classes,” said 10th grader Layna Eskew. 

Nicholas Schroeder, a 10th grader at Kelly Walsh said, “It gives you lots of energy, makes you not as grumpy.” 

Another 10th grader, Jordan Kroeger said, “I think breakfast is important because if you don’t have fuel for your brain then it won’t function to its full ability.”

All three students share the same broad idea that food energizes your brain and gives it the ability to function.

Food is important to students as it keeps them focused on their work rather than being hungry, keeps your grades up, and gives their brain the fuel it needs to learn properly.