Does technology make us feel more alone?


Aubreann Browning, Staff Writer

In today’s world teenagers and even adults tend to put their face in their phone and not recognize the world around them. Most people are all about their social media more than their actual social life. 

According to an article from Dixie Sun News by Lilliana Rogers lots of people suffer from depression due to people paying more attention to their social life on their phones more than their real social life. Nowadays people tend to forget about looking up and seeing the world instead of looking at their phones. It makes you feel more alone due to not really interacting with people face to face instead of sending a snap or text, this will sometimes cause depression because people feel like all they have are their friends over the phone more than them actually being there for them in person. 

“Technology definitely has its pros and cons but in today’s world, I think it makes us feel more alone than before because we’re so dependent on social media instead of being there in person,” said Laura Fluture.

Back in the day technology wasn’t a big importance to others. Yes, people were excited to take pictures and send a quick text but they didn’t forget to actually live life at the same time. Most people when technology just came out they would still explore the world and only use technology to capture a moment or tell someone about something but now everyone cares about their likes or shares they get on social media, who’s following who, etc. Another thing is drama is mostly because people nowadays can hide behind their phones instead of saying something face to face with someone, which makes life seem difficult to most. 

“I think technology can make us feel more alone because we can always have our faces in our phones instead of living in the moment.” said junior Cydney Eskew.

Technology does make us feel more alone due to letting us be able to hide behind our phones instead of living in the moment and actually interacting with people face to face. People get lost in a “virtual world” instead of figuring out reality is actually better for our social lives and ourselves in general. Technology affects people’s views on eachother and on themselves as well, making people feel more alone than feeling like they always will have someone to go to if need be.