Would you want to be a space tourist

New Commercial Space Capsule Orbiting Planet Earth. 3D Illustration.

Getty Images/iStockphoto

New Commercial Space Capsule Orbiting Planet Earth. 3D Illustration.

Drew Rassmusen and Drew Rassmusen

In a world where technology is advancing at an unstoppable pace tourism is growing right along with the rest of the world. As many large companies and powerful people become obsessed with interplanetary travel there comes a market for space travel and space tourism. The biggest players in space travel/tourism are Jeff Bezos with his company Blue Origin, Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Virgin Galactic. These private men/companies are using their immense wealth to send people to space and to keep our progress towards space going forward.  

In an article from Forbes there is a major price tag for a seat to go to space. As of present day the price tag for Jeff Bezos to go to space was 55 million dollars but that is far from what the price could be in the next decade, he also chose to use a rocket and not a form of a plane that just keeps flying higher ultimately getting to space which is much cheaper.

Experts from Forbes have said  that a ticket would cost $100,000 in the decades to come. In the year 2022 the company Virgin Galactic will try to make private flights available for a price of 250,000 dollars.

For students going to space isn’t just about getting their either, it is about living to tell about it. With companies doing things that have never been done before there arises the question if these companies should be trusted to get you to space and back home safely?

When Senior Liam Blank was asked if he would trust SpaceX, Blue Origin, or Virgin Galactic with his life he said, “Yeah I would. Companies like SpaceX have been doing this for years now and are working with NASA as well. I think that any company trying to take people to space would take that responsibility pretty seriously”

Although it may be super expensive there is a price for everything. A Lot of the time there will not be very many people willing to shell out that much money, students at Kelly Walsh said that once they are adults and are making adequate money to support themselves that they would be willing to spend lots of money to go to space.

Freshman Owen Putnam said: “ I would spend $500,000.” 

Along with Putnam, junior Isaak Mamot put into the same situation said, “I would pay a maximum of $1 million.” this shows that there is always a market for everything and that the money might not be the problem when it comes to going to space.