Will your social media posts come back to haunt you one day?


Jackson Catchpole, Staff Writer

Across the news, actors, athletes, and even your basic employees are being relieved of their duties in the office because of what they put out on their social media. It could be years before they start working and could pose a real threat to their work if someone takes the time to look back on it.

The current amount of technology in the hands of the high school generation has sky-rocketed, this presents the idea that a single line or phrase could slip out into the dangerous world of the internet. Many students are now taking precautions and being a lot more careful with what they are putting out to the world because it could come back to them. But others are not too concerned.

“I am not worried about it because I wouldn’t post weird or bad things in the first place,” said senior Ben Griner. 

Many students believe that if you stay away from it in the first place then you don’t have to worry about it throughout your life. Popular NFL figure and  former Las Vegas Raiders coach John Gruden, was fired earlier this year for remarks he made years before his coaching days. It is a common idea that keeping things to yourself is a better idea. Careers can be ruined and today’s generation either can follow in the footsteps of some individuals or try a different method and stray from these poor choices.

“I don’t worry about colleges looking at my social media, because I try to keep my social media as clean as I can,” junior Taylor Jue said.

Why would you worry about it if you never put anything out there? Many students, however, look to boast their comical talent or try to get a rise out of a certain group of people. While it could be seen as risky, many students flock to the wittiness and see it as a way to entertain. The majority of Kelly Walsh students feel as though it could cause problems for their future. 

“I worry about it because it could put out a bad or good image on you and I want them to see that I’m a good person,” said Parker O’Neil, a sophomore. 

Technology has a way of coming back to haunt people as it is seen throughout the news every week. Is the risk of being the class clown and known for everything worth the future? It is something that could take years to find out but for now, the majority leans to the side of safety.