Luis Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Kelly Walsh seniors are getting ready to graduate and be off to a fun and exciting summer. Ever since the pandemic started, school life has been a roller coaster of a ride for last year’s and this year’s seniors. As the 2020-21 school year comes to an end, many students are ready to drop the books and set off to have fun and get ready for another chapter in their lives whether it is in college or working. Like every year, seniors are experiencing senioritis. Senioritis is very common as it spreads around quickly as the end of the school year approaches

“The best part about leaving Kelly Walsh is not having to deal with the parking lots, they are so terrible and its always hard to find a spot,” said senior Katie Coad.  

No matter who it is, they always have a good reason to be excited to graduate as it is a huge accomplishment to be an honored graduate. At the same time, students can’t wait to be done.

Around nine and a half to ten months of school are accomplished during the school year. There are more than a few things that seniors are happy to leave behind. 

“Im glad to be leaving the school parking lot, I feel like everyone could agree with me. Besides that, I think I will miss KW,” said senior Briley Reichenbach.

Although many students are ready to move on, some are nervous  to be leaving behind a huge chapter in their lives. Many seniors are wanting to stay here just a little longer before they move on to start a new life. Many students have made strong relationships with other students and staff members which have helped them get through the four years of school.

“It’s scary because I’ve always wanted to graduate but now that I’m almost done, I’m nervous for what comes next,” said Coad. 

As the year comes to a close, and another chapter in Kelly Walsh’s history comes to a close, all students are ready to start the summer filled with fun. These past two years have been challenging for everyone. Its time to head out and see what our next step will be.