The beast that is public speaking


Krysten Cutler, Staff Writer

Being the center of attention for some people is easy, but for others it can be very stressful. Being able to speak in front of people is a skill in life that is needed. Many jobs require being able to speak. Public speaking influences ideas, forms connections, and is able to solve problems that happen. Even though this can be the most dreaded task, it is a very important task.

Great ideas are created from multiple people sharing what they have to offer. Being able to speak in front of others incorporates individual ideas to a bigger and stronger idea. When someone shares their own ideas others can elaborate on it and be able to create or study projects or information that can be very helpful in the world. Joining in on conversations and having them grow can help someone gain more new knowledge and create bonds with people that they never knew they had. A connection with someone is always nice.

¨Sharing what I think to the classroom has always been hard for me because I can get anxiety but it helps me in the long run feel more comfortable with my class and want to learn,¨ said Shaylee Carlson. 

It is a way to feel safe and be able to feel comfortable when sharing ideas in front of small or even large groups of peers or adults. It forms an impact on someone’s future, and allows them to grow into a leader. In the real world leaders usually have a pretty good ability of public speaking. Many people look up to them because they look like they know what they are doing even if they really don’t because they have confidence.

¨I know that public speaking can be a difficult thing to do and in a lot of my classes I have to present. It can be nerve racking at times but the key is confidence. Without confidence everyone listening to you present or answer a question the teacher asked  believes you have no idea what you are talking about. Even when I am not positive in what I’m saying I can still try my best by being confident,¨ said Isaak Mamot.

If someone answers a question unsure they seem they don’t know what they are talking about so presenting opinions bravely is the way to go. 

Speaking in front of others can make people’s anxiety go through the roof.

¨I try to have confidence but sometimes it’s tricky. Public speaking can be hard when you are surrounded by peers and adults when maybe they have different opinions than yours or if you feel judged by them. It is very important though because without communication and interaction with other humans our world would not be as developed as it is today,¨ said Mamot.

Our world is full of new ideas and humans brainstorming different things everyday, and without public speaking starting young, solving problems or learning new information won’t happen. With confidence and preparation public speaking can become easy and less stressful. Preparing for the world with easy presentations and class discussions can create well rounded people to become leaders and great workers.