Working in a Hallmark Movie


Laura Hoversland, Staff Writer

The outdoor ice skating rink at David Street Station (DSS) is straight out of a Hallmark movie. Since its opening in 2018, the rink has gained popularity among all of Casper. With Holiday tunes playing and the Christmas tree lit, there is no better place to spend the Holiday season. So what better job to have than working in such a dreamy place. A couple of Kelly Walsh students work at the rink and agree that DSS is the best place of employment for a high school student in need of some extra money.

Junior Taylor Fazio who works at the rink said, “Working at the David Street Station ice rink is almost like being in a Hallmark movie. There’s a huge Christmas tree in the middle of the rink, couples holding hands while they skate, and parents helping their kids. It’s all so fun to watch!”

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, DSS held their annual tree lighting and the turnout was nothing short of spectacular. With skepticism that not many would come because of the spike in Covid-19 cases, it was a pleasant surprise to have almost a thousand people in attendance. Adults and kids counted down as the tree in the middle of the rink lit up all of David Street. 

“The tree lighting was crazy! The entire rink was packed to the point where we were running out of skates! It was so fun to see how excited kids were to see Santa lighting the community Christmas tree,” said Fazio.

Afterwards, families enjoyed skating and hot chocolate from Metro, the coffee shop across the street. Metro had eight people on staff that night to help with the large crowd in need of a warm drink for the frigid night.  Senior Collin Boroz was one of the eight and said, “It was pretty hectic. I had never seen that many people inside of Metro before. Normally on a regular day people who come in don’t wear their masks but that night every customer was wearing one so it was nice to see everyone was staying safe.” 

The downtown area is the place to spend the Holiday season. Whether it’s grabbing a drink over at Metro or skating with loved ones, everyone should want to spend their free time enjoying all the fun amenities the downtown area has.