Is Everest too Dangerous for the Young?


Jackson Catchpole, Staff writer

Entering into the unprotected and extreme elements of Mount Everest would be out of the question for many people but there are few that the mountain attracts. Many of those few still attend a school or are still living with their parents. That is right, it attracts the young. It is an impressive feat to summit the world’s tallest mountain but is there an age too young to be climbing?

“Young people have the ability to climb the mountain but they do lack the responsibility and should have required supervision of a guardian.” Junior Carsten Harley believes that it is possible but there should be some sort of guidance.

This raises the question, what age do you need to be to supervise? There are constant questions that all add up to the thought of a young person climbing the mountain. 

Many would argue that the lack of oxygen, altitude sickness, avalanches, and now even today, traffic jams on the summit could be an extreme risk for young climbers. These are all constant worries that go through the minds of the climbers which could lead to poor experience compared to an older generation.

Sophomore Issak Mamot believes differently in that it is simply too risky because younger kids do not have the experience.

“Below the age of 25, I don’t think you should climb because you are not experienced enough. Older people have less endurance but more experience so I think there is a fine line between being experienced and having good endurance,” said Mamot. 

Older climbers have years of experience along with tips and tricks that make the climb that much easier. Some kids nowadays have quite a bit of experience though and take time from learning to do what they have a passion for.

“I think that if someone is fully prepared for something like climbing Everest, their age shouldn’t matter.” Belle McClellan argues that experience does matter because if you have completely compared, how is that different from someone else? The longer the time on a mountain, the more you learn and little things like that can mean life and death.

Everest takes lives every year and whether or not they are old or young, they are tragic. The choice comes down to if you have the guts, skill, and endurance all to make it up one of the most physically exerting and dangerous mountains in the world. Is it worth checking off your bucket list? As a kid? Or should you wait until you are older?