Is it time for school to go back online?


Karli Woodruff, Staff Writer

In March 2020, Wyoming students were delivered the news that schools would be temporarily closed to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. The hiatus was eventually extended to the rest of the school year. At that point, the state of Wyoming had about 20 cases on its hands. In September, Wyoming was nearing 9,000 new cases with hundreds of new ones popping up every day. 

Some questioned the decision, but many parents were happy to have the opportunity to send their children back to class. Those who were hesitant were given the option of online classes, anyway. 

Worries about the spread of Covid-19 were answered with a plan to force masks and hand sanitizer upon every kid in the school. An unforeseen speed bump, however, was the lack of care by kids outside of school. 

The number of new cases caught by Kelly Walsh students is steadily increasing, with no end in sight. Despite the 10-day isolation policy enforced upon those who have tested positive, there remains a legitimate problem with many students socializing at a pre-Covid level, completely ignoring the virus and going about their lives carefree. 

“I don’t think that we will go back to online schooling because we’re already through with the first quarter and nothing’s really changed but you never know,” said, senior, Braden Greth.

So do students feel unsafe coming to school while coronavirus is spiking?

 Kit Stokes, a sophomore said, “No I feel fine people are just blowing this out of proportion.”

While it may be unfair to expect high school students to be the shining example for proper Covid safety, there seems to be absolutely no care shown outside of school. One of the factors that may be creating this issue is the fact that students are forced to wear the masks all day, and can’t stand to leave them on after the final bell. Another is that school is one of the parts of our lives that was exclusively pre-Covid, and its return reminds some of the lives they used to lead. In both of these cases, school is the common denominator.

Sian Realing, a senior, says, “I think being in person is a lot better than online school. Especially since I am a senior I would much rather be in person so I can experience the moments we have all been waiting for.”

This raises the question: Is it time to go back online? Online school, while frustrating and boring, is one of the simplest solutions to the current slate of problems. It would decrease the contact between students throughout the day, and also may bring back the quarantine mindset many had in the Spring.