Kelly Walsh football standout Dom Jahr makes his mark senior year


Senior Doh Jahr pulls in a reception during the first play of this year’s Oil Bowl. Jahr is one of the top receivers in the state for 4A.

Laura Hoversland, Staff Writer

Coming back this year after a lost junior season due to an injury, Dom Jahr is making his mark on the 4A football stat charts. Ranked number seven for receiving in 4A and number one for receiving yards in his game against Central, Jahr is a crucial player for the Trojan football team. 

Jahr discussed his game against Central and said, “It was a rough game both offensively and defensively but we definitely turned it up a notch in the second half but on offense I feel I did the best I could with the chances I had and made them count.” 

Jahr had 91 receiving yards that game and has held the number one position since then. Not only does he hold that spot but also the number five spot for his game against Natrona with 77 receiving yards. 

Like many other players, Jahr has a pre-game ritual to prepare himself for each matchup. The process consists of listening to music and just getting him in the right headspace to be able to perform his best. 

“I listen to my music to get my mind right and get locked in and just focus on what can happen in the game and how I myself can help the team.”

Jahr is such a versatile player that he also plays defense for the Trojans. Although his defensive front isn’t shown on the leaderboards, it is a vital part to the team. With both interceptions and touchdowns, Jahr makes his presence known on both offense and defense. 

Jahr’s best friend of 6 years and former KW student Carter Peverley has watched Dom become the player he is today and had only good things to say about him. “I’m proud of what he’s become. He’s the hardest worker I know and he’s the most talented  WR/DB to come through KW” said Peverley. 

Due to his shining presence on the field, many of the younger players look up to Jahr. He understands this feeling and even said he looked up to the players above him and still does. Jahr’s favorite NFL team is the Seattle Seahawks and many of the players on the team are inspiration for Dom’s football career.

Jahr understands the importance of being seen as a leader.  

“I just think and look back to when I was in their shoes looking up to the older kids on the team. I try to show the younger kids how to do and play the positions that I do on the field.”

Dom Jahr’s senior year is and always will be one for the books. Jahr will be remembered for his talent on both sides of the football field with many young athletes looking up to him for his leadership and expertise.