Picture This – A Year to Remember


Denise Mercado, Spirit of Troy Head Editor

As the year 2019 is slowly coming to an end, the 3rd of September is the first day school is back in session here at Kelly Walsh and as bittersweet as it may be, the class of 2020 is officially the leading group on campus.

It is difficult to see classmates and friends part ways due to different schedules, yet it is thrilling to see seniors start a new chapter in life as young adults. After all, starting fresh is never a bad idea. The next few months are going to fly by and students will tend to miss the little features of a place that is considered a second home.

Senior Darrah Short said, “Senior year has honestly been stressful so far. I am looking forward to doing all the senior things like getting your cap and gown, doing your senior pictures, all the senior nights, all kinds of cool stuff like that. A friend and I are gonna go on a spring break trip together, and that will be our senior trip. Also, I will try not to overwhelm myself with all kinds of stuff that I had in the years before and instead, I am gonna try and relax.”

For juniors, they have a year to make the most out of memories and experiences with childhood friends and long term schoolmates, and to live life without the responsibilities of a grownup. Each student has a different opinion about what they are looking forward to in the school year and how they will make it memorable. Junior year can be a cyclone of commitments and anticipations, and it may seem that it is impossible to focus on priorities (homework, systematic test scores, grades, etc.) but it all works out in the end as they say so there is no need to rush.

“Personally, junior year has been feeling like a routine lately. I get up around 8:30 am and head to school by about 9: 40 am, and I have to go through this for a semester. What I’m looking forward to this year are probably making more friends and getting better grades,” said junior Rose Tran.

High school can either be awkward and frustrating or exciting and eye-opening for anyone. Students come to school and walk through the hallways feeling pressured to try and do better than the day before. It is not necessarily believable when one says everything will be fine because there will always be ups and downs in life, but it all comes into place at the right time. College is a whole new escapade, so may the class of 2020 have the best final year!