Pus, Sweat and Tears 

Ryan George, Staff Writer

Kelly Walsh and Natrona County faced off in the annual Golden Racket last Friday September 13th with both Trojan teams bringing the Golden Racket trophies back to KW for another year.

The Golden Racket is an annual matchup between the KW and NC in tennis. The teams play doubles and singles in both girls and boys to win the big trophy and bragging rights. Aside from the intense matches there was a ceremony to recognize the seniors for both Kelly Walsh teams.

Kelly Walsh’s Sophomore, Finley Klinger, played against Natrona’s Keating Chase, in the girls first singles match.  The match however had to be paused when Klinger felt something oozing from under her arm.

“It started off just like a normal match, then all of a sudden BAM! I’m oozing like a volcano!”

Klinger took an urgent time out to tend to the problem, which turned out to be a cyst that had formed right in her armpit.  While playing, the cyst burst, prompting the timeout.

“I was thinking about how much it hurt and how there were few watching my match, then in a matter of 5 minutes everyone was looking at me while puss was flowing out of my armpit. I was also worried about if it would ever go away and that regionals is in a week so I need it to be all healed up.”

After she had squeezed as much pus from the wound in question, Klinger went on to shut-out Chase 6-0.  The rest of the Lady Trojans followed suit, securing the 2019 Golden Racket trophy.

The Kelly Walsh’s boys first singles match saw Junior, Buck Harris, matched up against Natrona’s Davis Knight.

“It honestly feels great playing in the Golden Racket for Kelly Walsh. I know that regardless if I win or lose this match, I’m representing the Trojans. The most important thing I can do to represent KW is to play fair and practice good sportsmanship in each and every match I play,” said Harris.

This is the second year that Harris has played first team singles for the Kelly Walsh boys tennis team.

“Before matches I enjoy warming up with my team. It really helps me to loosen up and start focusing on my strokes. I also like to go over what I know about my opponent and consider how I can battle his strengths.”

Harris went on to beat Natronas boy’s first team singles 6-0. 

At the end of the day both Kelly Walsh boys and girls went on to beat Natrona in the Golden Racket. The final score once all the matches were played was 5-0 boys and 5-0 girls for a shutout.