Class of 2019 Graduation


Barrett Lloyd, Staff Writer

With a switch of a tassel, it was over. Thirteen years of education later, the graduating class of 2019 took to the Casper Event Center stage to finally receive their diplomas. The ceremony included a heartfelt commencement speech from Principal Mike Brit that addressed the four pillars. Mr. Brit elected four graduates for each individual pillar: Academics, Athletics, Activities, and Acceptance.

“They are the foundation of our school,” Mr. Brit said, “it was a cool way to identify all 426 graduates.”

The first pillar speaker to take the stage was Ms. Tess Bjorksten, who spoke on Kelly Walsh academics. The honors student addressed her class, “I really like how Kelly Walsh is what you make of it. Academically, kids who need more help get it and kids who are ready to be challenged are challenged”

Then Kelly Walsh star athlete  Nicole Klungness spoke to her fellow classmates about the athletic pillar.  This past year’s senior was a three-sport varsity athlete. She participated in soccer, indoor track, and golf. She spoke of her successes on the field, track, course, and classroom.

“It took a lot of thinking before I finally figured out what to say, but ultimately I just wanted to share what I felt were the most important parts about succeeding and succeeding humbly,” Klungness said.

Next up to speak was Dylan Smith, his involvement in within Kelly Walsh’s activities earned him his speaking position for the third pillar.

“My favorite part about Kelly Walsh has to be the students, even though sometimes they can be really annoying, they are what makes our high school the best. I wanted to have one last thing to say to my peers before we all left each other for the last time.”

Rockstar Alyssa Lattimer is well known for her appearance at Rodstock. Her performance of, “This is Me” touched the audience and for this reason, she was chosen to speak on the acceptance pillar.

“I was very glad I was chosen to speak in front of my class. I felt glad because I love how united our school is. I spoke from my heart. I’m happy to be a Kelly Walsh graduate,” said Lattimer.

“They were incredible, they surpassed anything I’d ever hoped for,” Principal Mike Britt said, “I think we will have a variation of that every year.” This newly found tradition marked this graduation as a success.