Avengers End Game is Finally Here


Savannah Olson, Staff Writer

It is one of the biggest movie franchises ever. Marvel has expanded their brand in a huge way with the Avengers movies and each of the individual hero movies such as Thor or Captain America. The first Avengers movie was released in 2012 and the rest has been history. The companies ever growing fan base has launched them into superstardom and molded the MCU into pop culture history.

On April 26th, the last of the Avengers movies was released. The movie is called End Game. This release has been highly anticipated because of the huge cliff hanger the last movie, Infinity War, left fans with.

“Leading up to End Game, I was excited, filled with existential dread, and happy all at the same time.” senior Mercy Back said.

Fans have shared many theories regarding how the Avengers movies will end through social media.

The directors of the films, the Russo brothers, have released statements since the movie came out asking fans to not put spoilers on the internet or ruin it for others.

“I’ve stayed off of my explore page on Instagram to avoid spoilers.” senior Shayna Deveraux said.

Across Kelly Walsh, there has been much buzz about the movie in terms of the ending. There are still many students that have yet to see the movie and have religiously asked classmates to keep the spoilers to a minimum. Many students have mentioned staying off of social media in fear of coming across something that would ruin the top secret ending.

Because of the complexity of the marvel universe, multiple people have spent time rewatching past marvel movies. The avengers movies are not the only films with important background information that would be helpful in understanding End Game to the fullest. Thor, Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America, and Spider Man movies all have aspects of their plots that lead up to End Game.

It is well known how popular Marvel has been in recent years. The release of End Game, the last movie in the 11 year saga, reassured this. In its opening weekend, the film grossed $1.2 billion world wide. It is safe to say that the Marvel universe has left its mark on pop culture and that they will be enjoyed by generations to come. All that is left to do now is wait for Marvel’s next move.