From Trojan to Spartan: Lloyd Wins STARR Scholarship


Barrett Lloyd, Staff Writer

Each year an anonymous Michigan State(MSU) alum donates scholarship funds to promising high school seniors of Wyoming and the Upper Peninsula of the State of Michigan to attend the college. As of 2016, the unknown donor has given over 12 million dollars to this scholarship called STARR. Here at Kelly Walsh, one student of the graduating class of 2019 has been awarded this opportunity.

“I am just so grateful. Not only to the donor, who has done something so amazing and invaluable in setting up this scholarship but to all of the people who help me get where I am,” said Hadley Lloyd, recent STARR scholarship recipient.

Senior Hadley Lloyd was one of 18 students from Wyoming and Michigan to be selected. She endured a fierce candidate race from across the state. Through a rigorous contest full of applications, recommendation letters, and interviews, Lloyd was given the opportunity to receive a scholarship worth approximately $240,000.

“In all honesty, Michigan State University wasn’t on my college wish list prior to learning about the scholarship. After I made it to the finalist level, I really started to look at the school and came to appreciate all the opportunities that it would afford me. I’m thrilled that I’ll be there next year, especially with such a great program behind me,” Lloyd said.

This grand total goes towards the cost of eight semesters of tuition, fees, books, room, board, and incidental expenses. And for students like Lloyd whose passion for foreign language has sparked a desire to travel to a Spanish speaking country, there are means to support such an immersion.

“The fact that MSU STARR offers so much support beyond the traditional classroom is amazing,” said Lloyd.

Lloyd has made many strides to ensure her successes after high school. Including finishing at the top of the largest graduating class in Wyoming. Her academic promise has created many opportunities. She has been accepted to many high-end colleges including William and Mary, Georgetown, the George Washington University, and others. Lloyd also received the Board of Trustees scholarship.

“I would definitely tell Trojans to look at the scholarship and consider applying. You don’t know what your competition is going to be like or what the selection board is going to see in your application, but it’s worth it to try,” Lloyd said.