Spring Play: All in the Timing


Hannah Glynn, Staff Writer

Kelly Walsh High School has been putting on performances for many years now. Recently, director Dustin Hebert has been working on preparing a new play called “All in the Timing”. However, this play isn’t like most plays Kelly Walsh students have put on.

“‘All in the Timing’ is a play with a group of 1 act plays (mini plays) all put into one big play. There’s around 6 acts total, and they’re all comedic in their own ways. The one act I am in is called ‘Words, Words, Words’ and it’s about three monkeys in an enclosure typing into infinity and will hopefully, sometime, write Hamlet,” senior Regann Sipe said.

With over a month of preparation for the play, the cast and directors are getting excited. Along with the different format of the play, the drama team has decided to try having a co-director. That co-director is actually Regann’s mom, Andrea Sipe. Having a co-director around has been helpful to the cast and has also taken some stress off of Mr. Hebert.

“The practice has been going very good. It’s a very funny play, and it’s exciting to have a co-director this time around. It’s nice to shake things up,” said senior Jarred Carlstrom.

So, since the play is a different concept than normal for the drama department, it has taken careful preparation.

“We started preparing for the play before Spring Break and we have been working on it ever since,” junior Rachelle Trujillo said.

So far, the play has been different in format and directing. But why stop there? The Kelly Walsh drama department also threw a change into casting this year.

“This play is a little different casting wise. Past KW plays are usually open auditions, but this play was casted from the advanced theater class, which I don’t believe has happened before. This play also does not have a tech crew behind the scenes, so when the actors are not on stage performing we are helping with lighting and moving around the set,” said Sipe.

Overall, ‘All in the Timing’ (premiering May 3) has been an exciting challenge for the Kelly Walsh drama department. With new casting, directing, and composition, the play is a good challenge all around. Everyone involved has been working really hard to make sure the performance put on will be entertaining and smooth. The whole team is extremely enthusiastic to be able to perform their hard work.