Carlstrom Becomes First Male Prom Queen in School History


Alexia Mendez, Staff Writer

The day of prom arrives during the spring in most high schools across the country. Girls and boys dress up in formal dresses and suits for the big day. Pictures are taken, dinner is served, and off to prom these students go. Prom is filled with decorations of the theme, a photo booth is set up for pictures to be taken, and the room is filled with students dancing to the music played by the DJ.

With the festivities of prom, comes the voting for Prom Court Royalty. This year at our school prom, the first ever male nominee for prom queen was listed. Jarred Carlstrom, a senior, became the first ever male prom queen in Kelly Walsh history.

Carlstrom ran for prom queen as a way to break the traditional view of a girl being prom queen and a boy being prom king. 

“ I’ve always been a queen, might as well make it official. Also I really wanted to break the binary because I’m one who is very progressive,” Carlstrom, said.

As the prom court was being named, the anticipation of announcing the winner of prom queen had arrived.

“When they were announcing the prom court it was very much nerve racking, I think I almost blacked out. I was holding Dylan’s (Smith) hand and we were both praying, but it was very, very nerve racking,” Carlstrom, said.

When Carlstrom was announced prom queen, the crowd cheered him on. Carlstrom was ecstatic for being able to achieve what he wanted.

“I was overjoyed and gracious for the community I’m in,” Carlstrom, said.

Being the first guy to win comes with a legacy left at the school. Carlstrom wants his winning to change the perspective of Kelly Walsh in a new way.

“I want to break that binary of what the hierarchy in high school is and who deserves what and what is important. I want to change the perspective of what things should be,” Carlstrom, said.

Although many were excited for Carlstrom to win, others were critical of his winning. These critical comments made from students didn’t concern Carlstrom.

“I am not going to reach them because they’re are closed-minded and cruel. I do not let them bother me because I know my worth and that I was the best candidate,” Carlstrom, said.

Despite many not agreeing with the choice of prom queen, no one could argue that it was a night that will go down in school history.