Prom Music Disappoints Attendees


Savannah Olson, Staff Writer

Prom night is one of the most anticipated nights of the year. Students dress to impress and hope to have one of the best evenings of the school year. Getting to have a night dedicated to you and your friends adds to the list of memories that are bound to be made in high school. Kelly Walsh has a reputation of having a very lively energy at school dances. Unfortunately there has been some criticism regarding prom this year.

Walking into the school prom night, it was hard to miss how beautiful and well set up decorations were. With the theme being Diamonds are Forever, student council did an outstanding job making those in attendance feel like a million dollars.

“I loved seeing how beautiful everyone looked” Emma Realing, a senior, said.

However, it seems as though the negative has outshined the good from the night. It is no secret that most of the students attending the dance are very disappointed with the music choices from the night. It had an impact on the energy of the crowd and the dance floor. Many have said that not only were the song choices poor, but they were then remixed to no longer sound like the original. Students have since taken to social media platforms to share their feelings of disappointment with the evening.

There is no one person or group to put the blame on. While the music was a big downfall of the night, there was still a lot to be thankful for. Students were able to spend the night with their closest friends in a beautifully decorated school while enjoying complimentary Capri Suns.

Some have recommended that students could have choices on the music played throughout the night. Possibly putting a request drop box in Google Classroom or letting students make recommendations on the DJ picked for the dance.

“Having students give recommendations at the door and going off of that list would be great,” Audrey Mitchell, a senior, said.

The past cannot be changed but students and faculty involved with planning prom can understand what went wrong and come back even stronger next year. Students can talk to members of student council or even join the group to have their wants and recommendations heard. Music is a fundamental part of having a good school dance. While that aspect of the night failed to impress, those that attended can focus on the other parts of the night to be thankful for. Spending it with close friends, getting to dress to their finest, and having the opportunity to attend prom.