Positive Vibe Tribe

Positive Vibe Tribe

Hadley Lloyd, Editor

Standing in front of a wall display with bright colored paper adorned with motivational quotes and positive sentiments pinned up by the student body, Whitney Asay explains the mission of the club she sponsors. She is quickly interrupted by a smiling student running up to hug her before continuing down the hall. The mission of the Kelly Walsh Positive Vibe Tribe is clearly taking hold.

The club, launched in April of last school year, seeks to recognize, celebrate, and encourage positivity through several projects.

“We do a lot of things at the school, all having to do with making the lives of others better,” explained junior Darrah Short, member of the Tribe.

The club’s first and most visible project, initiated last year, was Asay’s positivity wall. Also a part of that project, students and staff were asked to nominate individuals who have been a part of their own “Positive Vibe Tribe” to be entered into a free t-shirt raffle.

“We’re always looking for those who have that positive outlook and who are doing what they can to build others up,” explained Asay.

But the Tribe’s mission has extended far beyond thoughtful notes. It also aims to make a tangible difference in the Kelly Walsh community. The club hopes to launch a clothing closet for students and staff in need.

“We have a ton of donations. We’ll have prom and coed dresses. I don’t know exactly what we’re going to call it, or where it’s going to be housed yet, but we hope it will help a lot of people,” said Asay.

The club, gaining popularity among the student body, is sure to keep doing good within the halls of Kelly Walsh High School.

“There’s nothing better than making other people happy and recognizing the good people in your life. From the smallest things to the biggest, we always need more people willing to spread the positivity,” concluded Short.

The Positive Vibe Tribe meets bimonthly and has a Twitter (@pvtribe307), Instagram (positivevibetribe307), and Snapchat (pvtribe307) account.