Why Teens Pay Big Money for Brand Names


Kinzie Oiumette, Staff Writer

Many students at KW choose to spend large amounts of money on clothing and shoes. For a lot of students, teachers, and parents wonder why someone would spend so much money on a piece of clothing just because its name brand. When going around the school and asking a number of students questions about why they spend this much money and multiple other questions, many answered in creative ways.

“Clothes help me to express myself. Also, they look way sick and I enjoy having nice things because it makes me feel good about myself,” said Jace Palmer, a junior.

Often kids feel like clothing is a way to express themselves; however, to many people, it still does not make sense why they would need to spend such large amounts of money on shoes and clothing so we asked a couple students.

“They don’t make me feel anything but I think that it looks good so I buy it if I can afford it,” said Isaiah Wiggins, a junior.

“I spend money on this stuff because I can resell it and make money off of it and if I think that something looks cool then I can keep it,” said Ryan George, a junior.

When kids are in high school they can have a hard time understanding what is a need and what is a desire. Some can not understand how helpful it would be in the long run to save all the money that they spend on clothing and shoes. Talking to many kids about why they don’t save their money helps people to understand.  Being young and having a job and making money allows them to buy what they need and want to without relying on their parents to pay for all of their stuff.

Parents have a big impact on teaching their kids about finance and budgeting. Teaching their kid that it is okay now to spend that money but the older they get they won’t be able to afford the stuff that they can now is important. Some parents support their kids spending their money on expensive clothes and some parents think that it is ridiculous.

“I think if he[son] wants to spend money on clothing in order to make himself feel better than it is fine. If kids want to work in order to buy the things they want then it shouldn’t be a big deal,” said one student’s parent.

Overall, many students choose to work and make money in order to afford the clothing and shoe that they want. Although, a lot of people don’t think they need to spend large amounts of money, kids have their reasons and arguments for why they do it..