Vine is Back!

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Vine is Back!

Kyle Woodruff, Staff Writer

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The  seven second long videos that stole the hearts of millions have been resurrected. That’s right, Vine is back and better than ever. It’s new name is V2 and it is giving people everything they lost when Vine shut down in January 2017 (except for re-vines, but give it time). This app has only been available for a few weeks, and it still hasn’t gotten its name out there yet.

In fact, many people still have no idea that V2 is even an app. Kelly Walsh senior Sarah Griner said, “Uh, what? That’s a thing again?” she speaks for a good number of people who are completely unaware of the resurrection of possibly one of the greatest apps of all time. But how? How is it that this app hasn’t blown up in its first few weeks of production?

Kelly Walsh junior Ryan George says, “I think it hasn’t gotten big yet because there hasn’t been any advertisements or anything that have told me that it’s back.”

Although it still has to get its name out to a much larger audience, it has made its way into the lives of a percentage of people. Kelly Walsh junior Ben Mosier said, “I am way excited that Vine is making a comeback. It was probably the best app of everyone’s childhood and I can’t wait to make stupid videos with my friends. It’s dope.”

His fellow classmate, Kelly Walsh junior Jevon Davis said, “Vine was dope when I was a kid and I was angry when it went away the first time. I’m just hoping that it will take off like the old Vine did and that the people making the videos come up with funny stuff.”

There are other factors hindering the takeoff of V2, one of which is because of the app TikTok, a Chinese video sharing and broadcasting app that has recently become popular. Many people are using that app to get in their daily funny video fix.

V2 may not be taking the world by storm yet, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t rule again like the original version did. How long will it be until V2 catches up to the other apps out there, if ever?


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