KW Boys Soccer Look to Rematch with Natrona

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KW Boys Soccer Look to Rematch with Natrona

Ashlynn Peverley, Staff Writer

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On the cold evening of Thursday, April 6, the Kelly Walsh boys lost to the Natrona County boys soccer team 0-1. Although in the end it was a loss, the game was still an intense, fun one to watch. With the ball going back and forth, up and down, across and back the field, the boys showed impeccable talents with the soccer ball.

Kyle Woodruff, a sophomore, played for his first time back since a head injury from a game previously this year. Woodruff has been playing soccer since little kickers, starting ages ranging from 3-4 years old. Many of his soccer friends were made and kept throughout the years from the little kickers but eventually went their separate ways when going to Kelly Walsh and Natrona County.

“It is always fun because there is always a lot of friendly smack talk and I have been homies with them for years so it is fun to duel it out and then after the game we are very close and the emotions from the game are gone,” said Woodruff about playing against his NC friends.

Joseph Geil, a senior, played in his last Pre Casper Cup Thursday night. “I love soccer and I love running,” Geil says about the game. Geil has also been playing soccer since he was little and has been impacted greatly by it throughout his life.

The Kelly Walsh Soccer Fields were dedicated to his grandfather, Tom Staffelino, as the Staffelino Activities Complex.

“My grandpa impacted me and my game because before I started playing soccer he hated it, but once I started to love it, he did too,” Geil said about his grandpa’s impact on him and his love for the game of soccer.

Dylan Stupak, also a senior, speaks about how the game felt to him. “I feel the refs were very fair about the Pre Casper Cup, of course there are missed calls but they try to make up for it. The game all in all was pretty fair for the most part,” said Stupak.

“To improve for the real Casper Cup, the only thing I can change is how well I played but I am looking forward to the Casper Cup,” said Stupak about how he can improve from this game to the Caper Cup, April 26 at the Kelly Walsh Staffelino Soccer Fields.

As the seasons struggle to change, it is still Spring and us Kelly Walsh Trojans should show our support and cheer on the soccer teams as they face NC again on April 26, 2018. Wear your favorite Kelly green t-shirt and remember to bring a blanket, go big green!

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