Thoroughly Modern Millie comes to KW


Moriah Jones, Staff Writer

Join the cast and crew February 22-24 in the Kelly Walsh auditorium at 7:00 p.m. for the production of Thoroughly Modern Millie.

The musical is set in 1922, a small town girl named Millie Dillmount moves to the city of New York from Kansas with plans to get a job and marry a wealthy man. When plans don’t go her way, struggles arise. The owner of her hotel kidnaps girls so he can sell them in the East. Also, her boss isn’t proposing marriage and the man she actually loves is poor.

Kirsten Roussel will get to show Kelly Walsh the lead character, Millie Dillmount, in full swing.  She said she has always enjoyed acting, “I’ve been doing shows since I was 7, and I was hooked from the beginning. I decided about two years after I started that I wanted to spend the rest of my life acting.”

For her, auditioning is a second nature, so it doesn’t make her nervous to go on stage. You may have seen her in other school productions like: The Addams Family, Arsenic and Old Lace, Almost Maine, Beauty and the Beast and she also starred in Legally Blonde at the Casper College Theatre.

“The opening number, it’s so exciting and fun, it’s the first time that the audience is introduced to the flashy fantastical world of the 1920’s New York.” Roussel describes her favorite part of the musical. She is planning to continue her acting career at Ithaca College in New York, hoping to one day make it to Broadway.

Davui Thompson-Rodriguez, assistant costume designer, gives information on how he helps make the actors look their best. “As a costume designer I make things look pretty and I have to get measurements from the people. I have to make the show look well, fabulous.’’ He says he gets his inspiration from the Roaring 20’s. He wants it to be as authentic as it can get.  

“My worst fear is people not taking care if the costumes…it just needs to look perfect in my personal opinion.” He said. Authenticity and perfection are the driving forces in the looks Davui helps to create.

 The musical wouldn’t come together without the help of Tech. Whether it’s running the sound system or moving stage props, the tech crew has it covered.

“It’s never perfect,” Abby Baker, member of the tech team, said. Assistant Stage manager Baker joined Tech during her Freshman year. “It has a very familiar feel.’’ she said. “I am a tech member because I am drawn to the behind the scenes work. I love being back stage working with the actors and helping to bring a show to life. Tech, along with the actors, creates a world for that hour and a half or so.” she said.

Tickets will be sold online, more information will be released soon after Christmas break.