The College Option


Carter Peverley, Staff Writer

According to New York Times, 65.7% of students who graduate high school go to college. Some students don’t believe college is an important way to go after high school. And some students live four years of their life stressing about their grades and if they’re going to get into the college of their dreams.

College isn’t for everyone, but education is an important thing that can never be taken. Some people leave high school and head straight into the real world, getting jobs where ever they can find them. In Wyoming especially, high school graduates go straight into the oil field. Everyone has different interests in life, and the most important thing is to follow them.

Senior Morgan Jaquez, who is planning on attending Casper College in the Fall said, “I think people should take a step in that direction (college). But sometimes college isn’t for everyone.”

Money, cars, and even a house can be taken. But something that can’t be taken is an education. Education is a very important thing to have in life.

Zoe Neville, a junior, said, “Education is very important, I think it is one of the most valuable things you can have. It is something that no one can take from you, and something you can carry with you throughout your life.” Neville plans to study education when she gets to college.

Russel Sprecher, a junior,  is one of the best golfers in the state, and he knows that college is going to be a huge step in his life.

Sprecher said, “Going to college is very important, because it’s going to help me become a better person. It’s also going to lead me to a great education which will help me in life until the day I die.”

Like Sprecher, most athletes plan to head to college after high school to try and follow their dreams.

Students from all types of backgrounds strive to go to college. For some people it’s one of the only ways they’ll be able to make a good income. College isn’t for everyone. And sometimes cost can have an effect, which can cause students to go in to debt. But if money is managed correctly, college can be a great decision.